Peak Performance for Your
Single Family Home Investment

We know the importance of the relationship between both our key customers – property investors & tenants. We endeavor to retain and rent homes which are clean, in good repair, and a good value. By providing quality homes, we can serve the interests of both our owners and our tenants in a fair and mutually beneficial manner.

About Algonquin

We seek to provide homes that attract and retain responsible tenants to make a safe, clean, and happy household for their family. We seek to maintain the fiscal, structural, and aesthetic health of each property for our customers. Real estate is an investment requiring careful attention to retain it’s health as both a short term and long term asset. We feel strongly that keeping tenant, owner, and Algonquin interests aligned will keep the home in the best condition and provide the best value for all involved.

What’s in the name?
Algonquin Properties is named for the Algonquin Peak in the Adirondacks of Northern New York, where our founder grew up. It’s hard to spell, but an excellent reminder of home.

We’re Investors, Too

Algonquin Properties was founded in Allen Texas in 2003. Algonquin bought, rented, refurbished, and sold properties for it’s own account. After building a reliable network of trade partners, Algonquin began property management and real estate services for clients starting in 2007.
In addition to full service property management and real estate services, Algonquin has the capability to set-up and manage the operation of real estate investment syndicates for investors. We can also offer most construction services required for flips and renovations.

Transparent Service

We seek to keep your interests and Algonquin’s interests aligned at all times.
  1. Fee structure is simple and transparent
  2. Algonquin maintenance labor is billed at a clear rate
  3. There are no start up fees
  4. Long term commitments are not required – we want to earn your business
  5. Regular detailed financial reports provided (always open for audit / verification)
We help our owners to manage both revenue and cost. As experienced investors ourselves, we have extensive operating knowledge and relationships that will help you minimize costs. This includes trades, insurance, financing, legal, and real estate agency services. On the revenue side, we endeavor to find you financially qualified tenants who will keep your property in good condition for an extended period, minimizing turnover and make ready expenses.
Algonquin also includes financial services that will help you accumulate reserve funds. We will fund working capital to minimize the cash flow impact of major repairs and the costs between rent collection and bill payments. We know financial “shocks” are detrimental to property investors.
“I served on the board of my HOA for over 6 years and had a very positive experience with Algonquin. We switched to Algonquin after 2 years with another management company. I can honestly say that it was a HUGE improvement. They are and have been for the past 4 years responsive to us the board and owners, organized, communicate very well, professional, and just plain nice.”
Laura W., HOA Board Member
“I appreciate that Algonquin knows good contractors to quickly fix home issues so the tenant remains happy. Your maintenance manager does an excellent job as well!”
Leslie F. , Client, Algonquin SFH
“The folks at Algonquin have been great to work with. They are very professional and a blessing to have. I would highly recommend Jim and his group. We are much more than a number. We get the personal touch that is missing with property managers today.”
JT, HOA Board Treasurer
“We were about to sell our house when we met Algonquin. Within 90 days, they evicted a non-performing tenant, remodeled the house, and put in a quality tenant.  Things have run smoothly for 3 years now.  Algonquin is a good steward of our property and our interests.”
Bob M. , Client, Algonquin SFH
“Algonquin has been professional and responsive to both me (owner) and my tenants.  Because of this we have experienced long tenant tenure. I appreciate their efficiency in handling day to day management of my property, which allows me to concentrate more on property investment decisions.”
Ken C., Investor, Algonquin SFH